Hochland Cagliata

Hochland Cagliata - euroblock rennet cheese 15 kg. Cheese for pizza and snacks, with a delicate and creamy flavour. It spreads evenly over the surface and does not leave grease stains on the surface of the dough. After baking, it gets an appetizing color. It perfectly combines the ingredients with the pizza base.

Benefits of the product:
  •  high melting behaviour superior to mozzarella cheese,
  •  20% more efficiency compared to similar cheeses,
  •  easy cleaning of cooled cheese residues from an oven, without a need to use chemical cleaners,
  •  no sticking to the knife while cutting.
logistics information:

Hochland Cagliata

Art. nr: 

Net weight: 
15 kg

Minimum shelf life period: 
120 days


The number of pieces in a box: 

Boxes for a pallet: 

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