12 portions 20 minutes + cooling time

Lime-chocolate no-bake cheesecake

All ingredients
  •  500 g Hochland Cremette
  •  1 pack of chocolate cookies
  •  20 g butter
  •  200ml coconut milk
  •  3 gelatin leaves
  •  2 limes
  •  120 g of powdered sugar
  •  carambola and pistachios for decoration

Recipe step by step

  • 1. prepare the crust – put the cookies into a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin
  • 2. place the crumbled cookies in a bowl, add melted butter and blend until the mass is smooth
  • 3. spread the cookie mass on the bottom of the mold, knead lightly and evenly, then leave in a cool place
  • 4. dissolve the gelatin according to the recipe on the packaging
  • 5. mix the Cremette cheese with coconut milk and caster sugar
  • 6. add the dissolved gelatin and mix thoroughly
  • 7. squeeze one lime and add the juice it to the cheesecake mass
  • 8. grate thinly the peel off the other lime, previously blanched, then add to the remaining ingredients
  • 9. finely cut the pulp of one lime and after removing the seed chambers, pips and film, stir in the cheesecake mass
  • 10. pour the cheese mass into the mold on the biscuit crust
  • 11. leave it in a cool place for several hours until it congeals
  • 12. decorate the cheesecake with star fruit and pistachio nuts
  • 13. the cheesecake can also be prepared in portions, in silicone molds, finished off with lime gel and garnished with a basil leaf