1 pizza 25 minutes

kids pizza

All ingredient
  •  1 portion of frozen pizza dough
  •  200g tomato sauce
  •  3 tbsp flour
  •  50g corn
  •  100g cherry tomatoes
  •  100g ham
  •  50g green and red peppers

Recipe step by step

  • 1. thaw one portion of pizza dough
  • 2. form it into a flat round pizza base
  • 3. place the pizza on a floured board
  • 4. prepare 7 small cups for additives
  • 5. put halved cocktail tomatoes, drained corn, sliced red and green peppers, strips of ham, drained seedless olives, tomato sauce and two varieties of Hochland cheese: gouda & cheddar cubes and grated cheddar
  • 6. put the raw dough and the toppings on the table and encourage the kids to play
  • 7. invite the youngest guests to compose their own pizza
  • 8. when the toppings are already stacked on the pizza, bake it in the oven heated to 230 ° C for 7-10 minutes
  • 9. serve with some extra ketchup