Beetroot steak with smoked gouda

Classic beef burger in a butter bun with cheddar, bacon and pickles

Burger in black bun with chicken fillet, white cheddar and marie rose sauce

Double beef burger in homemade bun with cheddar, bacon, onion rings and bbq sauce

Beetroot burger in a green bun with guacamole, two cheddars and pepper chutney

Futomaki cremette with salmon and avocado

Futomaki cremette with tuna, avocado and pickled radish

Vegetarian futomaki cremette in tempura with cucumber, pickled radish and calabash

Miniuramaki cremette with avocado, chives and squid in tempura

Cremette mini uramaki with baked salmon, mango and spicy sauce

Cremette kaburimaki with salmon, cucumber, marinated radish and calabash

Futomaki creamland with crab sticks

Futomaki creamland with vegetables in tempura

Futomaki creamland with salmon and avocado

Club sandwich with grilled chicken, cheddar, fried egg and caesar sauce

Panini with steak, cheddar, pickled onions, mushrooms and pepper sauce

Cremette sandwich spread with curry and bacon

Cremette sandwich spread with curry and salmon

Yeast creamland cheese comb

Raspberry and strawberry macarons with creamland filling

Fruit tartalettes with creamland filling

Corn cream soup with cremette

Gazpacho with cremette and roasted peppers

Cream of cauliflower and white cheddar with truffle oil

Basque cremette cheesecake

kids pizza

Cheddar&Gouda Beetroot Tortilla

Broccoli Roasted With Cheddar And
Gouda Cheese

Cheddar Jack Berliner sandwich

Cheddar Jack Quesadilla

Curry And
Coriander Dip

Roasted Pepper Dip

Fresh Basil Dip

Double Cheddar Lunch Sandwich

Double cheese graham wrap

French fries baked with cheddar jack cheese

Garganello cheddar jack

Gouda & Cheddar Sport Sandwich

Stockholm sandwich

Chicken double cheese feast

Lime-chocolate no-bake cheesecake

Lunch sandwich

Nachos baked with cheddar jack cheese

3 Cheeses Pizza

Oriental cheese soup

Vanilla and lemon
cheesecake with mango

Tomato and cheese mini pizzas with spinach

Gouda cheese
Royal toast

Gouda Cheese Sandwich Shashliks

Spinach cheddar & gouda burrito

Mushrooms and cheese toastie

Cheese, bacon and tomato sauce “Snails”

Salmon and cream cheese Maki sushi

Breakfast cheddar toast rolls

Ice cream cremette

Cottage cheese panna with raspberry mousse

Breakfast radish cottage cheese