Co nowego u nas?!

Co nowego u nas?

The cheese is a delicious dish also liked by the youngest consumers. Specially in a form of a cheese dog. Warm and tasty cheese in a fresh graham bread roll is a great proposal for filling snack during the day full of adventures.

The Cheese Dogs in three flavours (hot dog sausage made of cheese) are Hochland proposal that the company is currently working on. They are used to prepare delicious cheese hot dogs. The product was created for those consumers who try to limit the consumption of cold meats and those who are looking for new, original flavors.

Hochland Cheese Dogs are great for heating in rolls used at gas stations, in bars and bistro. When heated, they do not dry up, they remain juicy and full of flavor. They blend well with bread – both white and wholegrain. They have a standard diameter and length, so they fit perfectly into hot dog rolls. Classic additions, such as ketchup and mustard, perfectly complement the cheese flavor.