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We believe that any action must be based on solid foundations of knowledge and experience. We listen carefully to the needs of each and every customer. This allows us to perfectly understand the specificities of different types of businesses and to adjust our product as well as actions we undertake. We offer real cheese, guaranteeing the highest quality – it makes us special. Our consumers and partners put their trust into us. Choose Hochland and check what benefits the cooperation with us brings for you.

Professionalism built on the values

Sale support

Sale support

We advise our business partners. We are creating a modern organizational culture that the foundation is the open communication and trust. We inspire and support the realisation of your potential.

Development and quality

Development and quality

We fit in the current trends. We respond to the changing needs of the market. We are constantly improving products and broadening the range of our offer. Our products are 100% real cheeses produced from carefully selected milk. We invariably guarantee the highest quality.



We are always looking for new technology solutions. We are developing production basing on modern concepts and logistics improvements. We are constantly improving quality products and services by introducing and implementing new organizational processes.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We are constantly increasing the share of environment-friendly packaging. We are looking for innovative solutions and actively participate in the increasing environmental awareness programmes. We work with the local community on the development and implementation of long-term plans in this regard.

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burger shops


petrol stations




convenience shops

B2B customers

fast food bars

Cafes, Patisseries

sushi restaurants

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