Co nowego u nas?!

Co nowego u nas?

The cheese board is one of the elements of the breakfast buffet, which often remains in the memory of guests and for which it is worth returning to a specific hotel. Hochland offers a lot of hits, which are a fantastic element in the buffet breakfasts. Marzena Rowicka, Editor in Chief TRENDY art of living talks about hotel breakfasts with Jacek Wyrzykiewicz, PR & Marketing Services Manager in Hochland Polska.

Can breakfast be a real culinary journey with local color?

Most of all, it’s one of the business cards of every hotel. Cheeses are a fantastic culinary journey, because of the variety of cheeses and their flavors, it is one of the elements of the breakfast buffet, which often remains in the memory of the guests. Sometimes the routine and monotony sneaks into our lives. We choose the products we know – the same for years. Bored with repeatability, we want to reach for unhealthy snacks. Nothing more wrong! You have to constantly search for ideas on how to renew our dishes, making them full of valuable nutrients, healthier, but above all tastier! France became the homeland of cheese. King Charles the Great was fond of roquefort and brie. In the seventeenth century, there was almost a war between France and the Netherlands, when the Dutch won the recipe of the French Edam cheese and began to counterfeit it. Pre-war France had 480 kinds of cheese. Winston Churchill – the English prime minister during the Second World War used to say: you cannot rule a country that offers so many types of cheese. Today, although we are far from the cheese power, which is still France, our range is huge. In big cities you can get almost any of the world famous delicacies. There are many cheeses divisions, depending on the criteria. Technologically speaking, we have cheese: fresh (white – cow, sheep and goat), boiled (processed), fermented (they form the largest group). But probably Emmenthaler is most known in the world, with wonderful huge holes, medium fat, ivory and exquisite slightly spicy flavor. Flexible and soft, surrounded by paraffin, it is produced in impressively large discs. Its name comes from the picturesque valley of the Gemma River (Emmenthal). Switzerland belongs to the elite of producers and consumers of cheese. It was produced already in 1815, and one of its secrets was a long (two years) period of maturation.

What is important in hotel breakfasts?

The most important is the freshness of the products served, the variety and, of course, the permanent replenishment of the products. It’s easy to find out which products are the most popular among guests, because these products disappear from the tables the fastest. You can actually find many analogies that function in regular trade. A good idea is a live cooking island, where the chef prepares not only scrambled eggs with various toppings, but also other dishes, such as pancakes or fresh fruit juices. We also think that education is important. Our activities promote cheese, as tasty and healthy ingredients of breakfast and daily diet. It is particularly important to realize what should be eaten so that our diet is healthy, tasty and beneficial for the development of the body. Our activities are aimed at showing how to efficiently prepare a healthy breakfast. That`s because everything starts with food … Calcium is one of the most important elements for humans. Its appropriate amount in the diet is an essential condition for healthy bones, proper growth and full harmony of the body. Its deficiency is the threat of constant fatigue, spinal defects and osteoporosis. At the same time, we promote fun in the kitchen and delicious recipes using cheese.

What should the optimal hotel breakfast look like?

The best breakfast composition is protein and carbohydrates (including fiber). Carbohydrates are in bread and other cereal products, vegetables and fruits, while the most valuable protein is in dairy products. Of these, the simplest component to be used is cheese, whose high nutritional value and a wide range of both in terms of type and taste, guarantee a successful and tasty meal. Carbohydrates consumed in this form will provide the necessary energy for the brain and the whole body, while the protein will provide adequate feeling of satiety for the next few hours. In this way, the composed meal will regulate the appetite for the entire day. In addition, B vitamins and calcium and magnesium contained in the cheese improve the conductivity of nerve impulses, thanks to which they help in faster thinking and better concentration. It is worth to re-discover the taste of breakfast.

Why are breakfasts so important in a daily diet?

Lack of breakfast causes increased hunger later in the day. In this way, we will eat a lot more for the next meal. Larger hunger also means uncontrolled, not always healthy snacks between meals and snacking. Forgetting about breakfast leads to irregular eating habits, which in turn disturb metabolism and significantly increase the chances of fat deposition. It is worth knowing that breakfast gives us not only energy and strength to work, but also increases concentration abilities and is the driving force for our brain, which must work at high speed from the early hours of the morning. Eat every 3-4 hours regularly, we ensure the smooth functioning of the body, accelerate metabolism and fat burning. Research also shows that eating breakfast regularly favors a slim figure.


What makes cheese stand out against all other milk products?


Cheeses are a rich source of many nutrients that are found in other dairy products with much less concentration. In cheese, we can find a high-quality protein with a standard amino acid composition, calcium in more than eight times more than in milk, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamin A, E and D, beta-carotene and B vitamins, in particular vitamin B2. The extraordinaryness of the cheeses confirms their composition – with the exception of fiber and vitamin C, the cheeses contain all the necessary nutrients. This composition has a direct impact on the condition of our body. High protein content, as the main building material, stimulates the growth and development of the body, including primarily the muscles and nervous tissue. The protein is part of all tissues, enzymes, hormones and antibodies, which is why its appropriate level in the diet is so important. Calcium is an essential ingredient for our bones and teeth. Eating a lot of cheese, we protect the body against osteoporosis. In addition, calcium is essential for proper heart function, regulating, among others, muscle contractility, blood clotting and lowering the blood stream. Research also indicates the important role of calcium in reducing the risk of occurrence of colon cancer. In addition, cheese is a good source of tyrosine – an amino acid that increases resistance to fatigue and stress and has a positive effect on our well-being. A shortage of tyrosine (and therefore also a small intake of cheeses) reduces the level of dopamine, the content of which stimulates our mood. Too low a level of dopamine can lead to depression, while a high level results in a good mood and a positive attitude towards life. Cheese is also a source of conjugated dienes of linoleic acid (CLA), which have many pro-health activities – anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-atherosclerotic. Research also shows that consuming products with the right content of CLA reduces the fat content in the body. There is also good news for all cheese connoisseurs. Cheese is a very filling product, that’s why after a few bites we feel no hunger. Thanks to that, the joy of eating stays longer and it is easier for us to enjoy the multitude of flavors and aromas that are served to us by numerous cheese species.


What trends can be observed among hotel guests and potential consumers?


Consumers return to simple, home-made flavors, while at the same time looking for new products, appreciating a healthy lifestyle, healthy eating habits and more and more sports every day. The all-embracing fast lifestyle inspires you to look for quick and convenient solutions. Culinary inspirations are important, which often contribute to the creation of new trends. That is why we regularly organize culinary workshops, press meetings or other forms of activity for various target audiences whose task is to educate and promote our products in specific examples of use in the preparation of culinary proposals. In the past year we have completed a series of Tastes of Almette Season meetings at Mr. Ziółko’s slow food farm, where the culinary champion David Gaboriaud and famous and valued bloggers, who promoted “gardening” trend among their readers, encouraged to grow vegetables in home gardens, at home or on window sills. Together, they learned the secrets of growing these vegetables, and prepared delicious dishes with the addition of the iconic Almette cheese. In turn, since September we have managed to start a long-term cooperation with Damian Kordas, the winner of the 4th edition of the Masterchef program. He is a young, talented chef, rising culinary star with great potential. As part of the series #HealthyInspirations Damian Kordas is preparing a series of recipes in which the main character and the discovery will be creamy Hochland. This year is the time of strong communication for Hochland cheese not only of high quality natural ingredients, but also of their culinary use. All these activities are meant to make Poles love the Hochland cheese even more! The first episodes of #HealthyInspirations can be seen in the media at Hotel guests are also always potential consumers of products from our offer, so it is a priority to approach actively to the process of creating trends, even fashion for the consumption of certain products. By the way, keep in mind that practical operations are also useful practical tips, for example to remove cheese from the fridge an hour before serving, because they must breathe and develop the aroma. Cheese, not only moldy, should be served in the company of fruit: grapes, apples, nuts. The cheeses are very tasty with a baguette or crackers and they compose beautifully with these additions. Aesthetics of serving dishes is an art in itself and every hotel guest who enjoys breakfast appreciates it!



What does Hochland offer for hotel breakfasts?

Hochland offers a lot of hits, which are an ideal element in the hotel breakfast buffets. At the same time, our rich range of cheese flavors, from Almette cream cheese, through the entire range of Hochland cream cheese, yellow cheese, to Valbon cheese, makes these products still surprising us with the variety of dishes to which they can be used. Processed cheese is especially valued for its taste, Almette is a brand that is second to none, Hochland Sandwich also joined the group of leaders in its category very quickly. Recently, a lot of novelties appeared in our offer. Hochland Sandwich with an extremely distinctive taste now in the Mini version. Divided into 4 servings, it is ready to jump for a walk, to work or for a trip. The new Hochland Sandwich Mini is available in three variants: in the version with a taste of cream and a mix of flavors – creamy and with chives and cream and with cucumber and dill. Another novelty is the favorite flavors of the fluffy Almette cheese cheese available in a pack with four mini portions. Mini Almette is a convenient solution for everyone who wants to eat fresh and natural cream cheese and share what’s best in every situation! The highest quality 100% natural ingredients make the Almette cheese impresses with its unique taste, even for the most sophisticated palate. One mini serving is enough to prepare 1-2 sandwiches, so that during each meal, whenever you feel like it – we can reach for a fresh portion of cheese. You can choose from three most popular flavor variants – creamy, with herbs and yoghurt. On the other hand, cheese Hochland BURGER & TOAST is created to prepare various hot dishes, among others , toast, casseroles or, finally, delicious burgers, which have been reigning in all the rankings for the most trendy dishes for months. Cheese, which melts perfectly under the influence of temperature, stretches nicely after melting, and what is the most important gives the dishes original flavor. We want to surprise consumers with products that go beyond the traditional understanding of cheese. There are several good examples, like the fruit variants of our Almette cheese – the first fruit cheeses in this brand and category. From other cheese producers in Poland, Hochland Polska differentiates the strategic approach to the consumer. All Hochland cheese have one common denominator: very high quality and thus excellent taste qualities. Our way of further development is to understand, anticipate and create consumer needs and to achieve these dreams as best as possible. The combination of Hochland’s productive strength, brand strength and understanding of consumers will secure the next years of business development. Regardless of the type of cheese and its composition – the selection of raw materials from which it is produced is equally important. So when choosing cheese, pay attention to the fact that Hochland cheese is made from fresh, natural products from our region and geographical zone. Thanks to this, they have a much more beneficial effect on our body and are completely safe even for our youngest kids.

What is worth remembering when planning hotel breakfast management?

Breakfast managers play a huge role in managing hotel breakfasts. It is important to choose the right assortment and place the products on the tables, eliminate duplication so that you can introduce complementary solutions. It is also important to measure turnover and profitability and also manage the very surface of the warehouse and cold store parts, which is occupied by products for breakfast. You can often see refrigerators, in which the hotelier holds UHT milk and gives it the same amount of space as the whole cheese. This is not effective, neither in terms of turnover nor profits, not to mention logic (UHT does not require refrigeration). Effective warehouse space management is one of the key elements to be able to respond effectively to the growing market pressure and to be truly competitive in every dimension.

Thank you for the interview!

Hochland has been on the Polish market since the early 90’s. Currently, it has two plants in Poland – in Kaźmierz and Węgrów. Hochland, Almette, Valbon are market leading brands under which a whole range of products is available, also available for the HoReCa market. Products can be found in all major cheese categories. They owe their excellent taste and quality to the best raw materials and technologies.

Jacek Wyrzykiewicz, PR & Marketing Services Manager

In Hochland Polska since 1995. He started his professional career from the sales administration department, through trade marketing, to the position of a PR manager. He is currently responsible for PR Hochland Polska. He graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań and is a postgraduate in management in Germany. Formerly a researcher, a scholarship holder at the Humboldt Universities, Hohenheim and ETH Zurich, the author of many publications on economics, management and communication. He recently graduated from the Management Development Program Die Akademie für Führungskräfte. Honored by the Polish Content Marketing Polska Pióro of the Year 2015 for an article on health promotion.