Hochland Cremette 10 kg

Hochland cremette – cream cheese 10 kg. Produced from the highest quality cow’s milk. Aromatic and full of flavour. Ideal for sushi and sandwiches, it is also a great base for flavoured cream cheese. Perfectly smooth, easy to spread. Its homogeneous, firm, and creamy consistency makes it a good ingredient of sushi. Adheres well, and perfectly combines other ingredients of a dish.

Benefits of the product:
  •  contains 30% fat,
  •  from 38.5% to 40,5% fat in dry matter,
  •  universal, one product for many recipes,
  •  thanks to homogeneous consistency, it is used in sushi,
  •  ready for use.
logistics information:

Hochland cremette

Art. nr: 

Net weight: 
10 kg

Minimum shelf life period: 
120 days


The number of pieces in a box: 

Boxes for a pallet: 

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